Online Safety

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Educating children, young people and adults to keep themselves safe online.

SafeToNet app – free for 1 million UK families

 SafeToNet is a charitable foundation who do a huge amount of work around online safeguarding. They have developed an app which they are making free to 1 million families in the UK for life. Essentially, the app replaces the keyboard on a smartphone and analyzes the words a child uses plus patterns of behaviour.

You can read the article HERE and learn a little more about how the app works HERE  

Xbox Family settings app

Microsoft have recently released some new management features that parents can use. Available for iOS and Android, it is a free download and it has some great features, e.g.: • Create new child accounts. • Manage screen time limits (including grant more time). • Accept or decline friend requests. • View and manage friends list.

Facebook Messenger

What parents need to know about Facebook Messenger.


A Parents' Decision Guide to Youtube

DigiSafe Undressed

With 1 in 10 primary aged children asked to change or undress when using streaming apps it is important we educate children both at home and at school, which is why London Grid for Learning have created this campaign. With guides, posters and a video this is a timely and vitally important resources to share.

Apple Product Parental Controls

This handy guide explains how to set up and activate parental controls on Apple devices.

Making sure your home doesn't have an open door to child abusers

Information from the Internet Watch Foundation.