West Melton – a Reading School

At West Melton Primary, we are passionate about reading and actively encourage our children to share in this with us.

Reading Environment

You will immediately notice when entering our school that books and links to reading can be seen everywhere. Indeed, we have even named all of our classes after children’s authors! The children can tell you numerous interesting facts about their class author and have access to their texts throughout the year. The children are welcome to take these books to read and will also experience having them read to them by either the class teacher or one of our remarkable ‘Reading Ambassadors’, during our daily story time. Each class has its own reading area and we are lucky to have two separate libraries – one for pupils in EYFS and KS1, the other in KS2.

Reading, reading everywhere!

Story time ends every single day, in every class throughout the school. This is an incredibly important and special time, which both staff and children cherish. You might find us in the reading area with the lights turned low, out on the school field or in one of our two libraries.

Weekly assemblies held by the English Lead, further encourage a love of reading. A wide range of texts are shared and reviewed.

We hold special events for parents, including our ‘Bedtime’ story events, where parents are not only able to join their child for a story, but also have the opportunity to discuss with the teacher how they can best support their child at home.

Curriculum Links

We provide a text led curriculum, including writing, where each unit is based on one of the texts from our ‘Talk for Writing’ Book list. Recently, we celebrated World Book Day with a focus on the story ‘Julian is a Mermaid’ by Jessica Love, which enabled us to make clear links with other areas of the curriculum including PHSE.

Reading in school

In school, we show complete fidelity to the Read, Write, Inc Phonics Programme. Children start this in the Summer Term of Nursery and this continues into Key Stage 1. In some circumstances, children may continue to access RWI into Key Stage 2, but as an intervention. Children in EYFS and KS1 read the RWI Story Books in school and at home. They also have the opportunity to take home the RWI Home Book Bags, which further supports them in learning to read.

Once the RWI programme is complete, pupils become ‘Free Readers’ and can chose from a variety of books available in both their classroom and library.

Reading in KS2 is taught whole class. The ‘Reciprocal Reading’ strategies of retrieval, prediction, clarification, questioning and summarising are used. Teachers provide children with a range of high quality novels for reading. Pre-reading opportunities are provided for any child needing additional support as is 1:1 support and reading intervention. During whole class reading, children study new and unfamiliar vocabulary – with a focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 words, extending their bank of words beyond those than they would use in every day in conversation.