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I hope this finds you well. We’re writing to let you know that the SHINE Trust has confirmed continuous funding of our project in your school, and that we are moving the delivery online. The email below contains important information about dates and delivery methods. 


·         We have 3 sessions left, starting on : Weds Apr 22nd

·         We aim to deliver 2 remote workshops via Zoom: 

·         10am: KS1 students Link Password: 043004

·         1pm: K2 students Link Password: 043004

·         These workshops are offered to in-school and at-home students, depending on your situation. They can be followed by all students, even if they didn’t take part in the previous sessions. We want as many students as possible to benefit from this.    

·         If you are accessing the workshop in school, you can stream the video on your whiteboard. 

·         If your students are at home, please only share the link with them and their parents. 

·         Requirements: each student will need a tablet, computer or phone with the following apps already downloaded and installed (all free): 

·         Zoom (video communication, similar to Skype but more advanced) 

·         KS1: Scratch Junior

·         KS2: Microbit

·         Preferred browser: Chrome


·         Note: MMR3.0 students will still be able to work towards their award – we will communicate directly with them to support them. 



·         Please reply to this email to confirm that you have received it and that the dates are still working for you

·         We will then send you detailed instructions about using Zoom and safeguarding measures we are implementing to offer a safe environment for children and their families. 

·         Sessions will be recorded and shared privately with you, so that students can catch up if they missed it and review the steps to continue their creative learning at home. In the meantime, you can follow our activities through our YouTube channel Key Stage 1 here, and Key Stage 2 here.


We’re really grateful to SHINE and to all staff at your school for making it possible to offer a full learning programme to students in the current extraordinary circumstances we are facing. We’re here to support you and your students, and we’re looking forward to hearing back from you with your confirmation and any questions and comments you may have.




Enrico and the Conductive Music team