Welcome to the

Valarie Thomas (Foundation Stage) class

Mrs Arnold

Mrs Arnold, Mrs Jones, Mrs Nicolson and Miss Ward would like to welcome you to our exciting Foundation Stage unit.

Play is vital, as it is through play that young children learn and grow. It helps them understand the world around them as well as helping them to develop socially and emotionally. We believe that all children should be able to play and learn in a safe stimulating range of environments with adults who understand and care about them.

Our unit uses the EYFS Profile to assess the children’s achievements in all areas of the EYFS curriculum. Our activities and environment allows each individual child to learn through high quality play, that is tailored to their needs and interests, allowing them to develop at their own pace, have fun, make friends and learn as they play to reach their full potential.

We are working hard to further develop our provision indoor and outdoor, as we strive to provide the best provision for all our children to support them in reaching their full potential. We are a strong team and pride ourselves on providing a warm and caring environment where our children feel happy, safe, secure and confident to explore, learn and have FUN.

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