Class FS - Miss Key (FS1) / Mrs Arnold (FS2)

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Mrs Arnold, Miss Key, Miss Jones, Miss Senior, Miss Ward and Miss Brookes would like to welcome you to our exciting Foundation Stage Unit.

Play is vital, as it is through play that young children learn and grow. It helps them understand the world around them as well as helping them to develop socially and emotionally. We believe that all children should be able to play and learn in a safe stimulating range of environments with adults who understand and care about them.

Our unit uses the EYFS Profile to assess the children's achievements in all areas of the EYFS curriculum. Our activities and environment allows each individual child to learn through high quality play, that is tailored to their needs and interests, allowing them to develop at their own pace, have fun, make friends and learn as they play to reach their full potential.

More information about our Foundation Stage provision is contained in our recently revised booklet 'Off to a Good Start' which is available to download or from the school.

We are working hard to further develop our indoor and outdoor provision, as we strive to provide the best provision for all our children. We are a strong team and pride ourselves on providing a warm and caring environment where our children feel happy, safe, secure and confident to explore, learn and have FUN.

What are we learning? - Autumn 2 Term


As Geographers we will ... learn the name of the continents and a little about the weather in each. We will focus on Australia and learn about the features of the country such as the Great Barrier Reef and famous landmarks. We will learn about Australian cultures and compare them to our own.

As Readers we will ... be focusing on aspect one and two. Children will learn new phonemes each week.

As Mathematicians we will ... be focusing on key skills. We will be practicing and learning our number's to 20. We will begin to look at addition and subtraction using apparatus to support our learning. We will investigate shape, space and measure.

As Scientists we will ... investigate, research and learn about the types of animals that live in Australia. We will look at their habitats including whether they live on land or in the sea.

As Artists and Designers we will ... be very creative! We will create under the sea pictures by looking at photos and pictures. We will explore aboriginal patterns and create our own designs.

As Writers we will ... be learning how to write simple CVC words. We will use our phonics knowledge to support our learning. We will be trying hard to remember how to spell our key words.

We will celebrate our learning by ... inviting parents in to see what we have been up to. We will also be inviting parents on our school trip to the Deep as well as our nativity performance.

Our EYFS Parents Narrative - 2017/18 Autumn 2 is available to download.

What are we learning? - Autumn 1 Term

Who lives in a house like this?

As Investigators we will ... be finding out about materials. We will be looking at how a home is built and which materials can be used. We will investigate what makes a good building material and what doesn't. We will also be looking at festivals including Harvest, Diwali and bonfire night.

As Readers we will ... be learning our phonics using Read Write Inc methods. We will look at different information books around castles and look at how people lived in medieval times. We will look at stories such as Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and Knight School and create an information booklet.

As Writers we will ... be developing our handwriting skills with handwriting specialist Martin Harvey. We will write information text, stories and lists.

As Mathematicians we will ... learn to count and recognise numbers 1-20, learn language for one more, one less, sort coins and we will begin to add amounts up using 1ps. We will learn the names of common 2D and 3D shapes and their properties and recognise and repeat patterns.

As Scientists we will ... learn about materials and sort them by their properties including waterproof, hard, soft, rough and smooth.

As Artists and Designers we will ... look at how we create our art work using different media. We will be creating our own life cycles and use different media to make moving caterpillars and collage butterflies.

We will celebrate our learning by ... inviting our parents to a 'Carve your own' pumpkin event and a medieval banquet.

Our EYFS Parents Narrative - 2017/18 Autumn 1 is available to download.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

What did Class FS learn in 2016/17?

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