Class 5 - Mr Broadhead

Welcome to Class 5!

Hello. I'm Mr Broadhead and together with teaching assistants Miss Scrivens and Mrs Wydell , we would like to welcome you to class 5 and our classroom, which is an exciting, inspiring and happy place to grow and learn.

I'm a newly qualified teacher but bring plenty of experience from outside the classroom with me. The children have helped me settle in well and I'm really looking foward to working with them throughout the year.

I love to read, when I get the chance. While fiction books are my favourite from authors such as J.R.R Tolkein and J.K Rowling, I also enjoy some older authors such as Enid Blyton - her Famous Five books were on my reading list at school.

Reading books: Please help at home by listening to your child read at least 3 times a week. If this is recorded in class and children who read 3 times a week consistently can win prizes. Please remember, they have to be in it to win it.

Spellings: Spelling are being sent out on Friday in your childrens' learning logs and need to be learned ready to be tested yo following Friday. I will also be testing them on Y3/4 words throughout the year so please help your child practise where you can.

Homework: This is given in a menu format at the start of term for 5/6 weeks and will be presented, displayed and celebrated on return. Children need to complete 1 piece of homework from the menu each week.

Alongside this your child will have spellings, timetables and their 3 reads to complete each week. With these doing a little, but often will help tremendously.

Any weekly core subject homework will be set on Friday to be returned by the following Thursday.

Kind regards,

Mr Broadhead (Class Teacher)

What are we learning? - Autumn 1 Term

Terrible Tudors

As Readers we will ... continue to develop our reading skills and read a variety of books and writing including fiction and non-fiction for pleasure. We will use internet search engines to find out about the Tudors. We will read fiction and non-fiction texts linked to the Romans and read some adventure stories and recreate our own versions.

As Mathematicians we will ... learn more about place value including the value of each digit in increasingly larger numbers and other aspects of place value such as fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also master aspects of calculation including multiplication and division, which will lead into learning about measure including time.

As Artists and Designers we will ... Learn about and create Tudor art. We will create our own Tudor paintings learning about different techniques. We will also look at the types of music enjoyed during Tudor times.

As Geographers we will ... learn where the Tudors lived and places of interest in Tudor times.

As Historians we will ... learn about the events during the Tudor times such the plague and the Armada, while considering how the Tudors have impacted on our lives today. We will be finding out how people lived in Tudor times and discover how the Tudors came to power.

As Writers we will ... write various types of writing. This will include narrative writing using story book as inspiration. We will also write diary entries based on events and characters from Tudor times and non-chronological reports about the information learned about the Tudors in this half term. Throughout this we will develop our resilience by editing and up levelling our own writing with feedback from peers and adults.

As Scientists we will ... learn about different materials and how some materials react differently others in that some dissolve, while others won't. We will begin to understand the reasons behind this and the results of these changes, such as when new substances are formed.

We will celebrate our learning by ... making sure that our work is well presented so that we can display some of it. Our work will also be on the website and shared on Class Dojo! We will be sharing our work in a showcase event for parents at the end of term too.

What did Class 5 learn in 2016/17?

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