Class 4 - Mr Gunning

Welcome to Class 4.

Hello. I'm Mr Gunning and together with teaching assistants Mrs Corker and Miss Brooks, I'd like to welcome you to our class and our classroom, which is an exciting, inspiring and happy place to grow and learn.

I'm the Year 4 teacher and ICT leader. I also coordinate PE in KS2. As well as anything sporty, I have a passion for word play, which I hope to use throughout the year with the children.

Each year we teach the same key skills in the National Curriculum, but through different themes. No two years are exactly the same and this allows us to respond to the children's interests and needs. This year we have some exciting topics, including the Vile Victorians and Sound. We have already been on our first school trip to Cusworth Hall! This was a fantastic day that gave the children a real insight into how both rich and poor people lived in Victorian times in South Yorkshire.

Reading books: It would be fantastically helpful if you could listen to your child read at least 3 times a week. In Year4 we record every time one of the children reads on our Reading Window. If your child records their home reading in their Learning Log, then prizes can be gained throughout the year.

Spellings: Spellings will be tested on Monday and your child will write any incorrect spellings in their log book (which must be kept in their book bag at all times please). These spellings will be tested again at a later date.

On Wednesday your child's spellings for this week will be added. Practise these for the following Monday's test.

On some Fridays, I will also give the children a quick test on the Year 3 and Year4 in their Learning Log, so keep practising these throughout the year.

Homework: This is given in a menu format at the start of term for five to six weeks and will be presented/displayed/celebrated on return. Any weekly core subject homework will be set on Friday to be returned by the following Thursday.

Mr. Gunning (Class Teacher)

What are we learning? - Autumn 2 Term

Frozen Kingdom

As Geographers we will ... be studying the North and South poles. We will look at maps of these areas and find out about why they are important.

As Mathematicians we will ... be focussing on multiplication and division. We will be looking at using rapid-recall of times table facts to help us to divide. We will also look at informal and formal written methods for multiplying and dividing.

As Artists and Designers we will ... be focussing on portrait pictures, both traditional and non-traditional (such as Picasso). We will also be creating our own pastel and paintings based upon The Northern Lights.

As Readers we will ... be reading the children's classic, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis in class. In our reading sessions we will continue to use the Project X to help us to become Expert Readers.

As Writers we will ... be writing descriptive texts based upon visiting Narnia. We will also write letters from a characters point of view and a playscript based on The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. In our topic writing we will write information texts based upon animals found in frozen.

As Scientists we will ... be comparing groups of materials. We will identify whether they are solids, liquids or gases. We will look at how materials can change state. We will also study the Water Cycle.

As Historians we will ... be studying the explorers who raced to discover the North and South Poles. We will find out about their adventures and the routes that they took.

As Responsible Citizens we will ... explore every child having the right to health care and education. We will compare the lives we lead with those of people from other countries.

We will celebrate our learning by ... opening an art gallery in Year 4. We will present the amazing art work that we have created. We will continue to celebrate our achievements on Class Dojo by collecting Proud Points.

Our Year 4 Parents Narrative - 2017/18 Autumn 2 is available to download.

The Year 4 Home Learning Menu - Autumn 2 is also available to download.

What are we learning? - Autumn 1 Term

Vile Victorians

As Readers we will ... be reading various texts based in Victorian times, such as Around the World in Eighty Days, Oliver Twist and The Owl and the Pussycat. We will also use extracts from the Horrible History book The Vile Victorians.

As Mathematicians we will ... be looking at place value of numbers up to four digits. We will also add and subtract using column method. In our mental maths we will be counting forwards and backwards using different size steps.

As Geographers we will ... use maps from the past and present to gain knowledge of how West Melton and Brampton have changed since the Victorian times. We will use investigation skills to learn about the history of coal mining in the area.

As Historians we will ... learn about Queen Victoria and her character. We will learn about jobs that poor Victorians did and compare these to rich Victorians. We will gain a knowledge of major inventions that happened in the Victorian era. During this half term we will investigate toys of the past and compare them with modern day toys. We will gain skills in how to use a timeline and using correct historical language.

As Writers we will ... be writing letters and diary entries from a character's point of view. We will also write a recount based on our school trip to Cusworth Hall. When writing we will try to include a wider range of punctuation and sentence types.

As Scientists we will ... be studying sound. We will find out how sounds are made and how they travel. We will investigate how a sound can be changed and different pitches of sound.

As Artists and Designers we will ... learn about the Victorian artist, William Morris. We will discuss his work and say what we like and don't like about it. We will look at how he used colour and shape and design our own piece of art work in the same style. We will practice our colour mixing skills and learn new printing skills.

We will celebrate our work ... on the school website and on Class Dojo and we will choose a writer of the week!

Our Year 4 Parents Narrative - 2017/18 Autumn 1 is available to download.

Autumn 1 Learning

The following photos are from Class 4's trip to Cusworth Hall, where all the children experienced being a Victorian child for the day.

What did Class 4 learn in 2016/17?

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