Class 3 - Mrs Perry

Welcome to Class 3!

Hello. I'm Mrs Perry and together with teaching assistants Mrs Griffin, Mrs Silverwood and Mrs Brookes, I'd like to welcome you to our class and our classroom, which is a stimulating, inspiring and cheerful place to grow and learn as independent learners.

I'm the Science Lead and I also run film club.

I love teaching and doing anything "arty," and I have a passion for books and films. I will read any genre of books, as long as I'm hooked by the first few paragraphs. My favourite author as a child was Judy Blume and Cornelia Funke. I love films and will watch anything and I enjoy watching all the extras on DVDs about how the films were made and interviews with the cast.

Each year we teach the same key skills in the National Curriculum, but through different themes. No two years are exactly the same and this allows us to respond to the children's interests and needs. This year we have some exciting topics and are looking forward to our theme days and trips.

Reading Books: Please help at home by listening to your child read at least 3 times a week. If this is recorded in learning logs, proud points will be given which can be spent to get prizes.

Spellings: RWI spellings are tested on Monday and your child will write any incorrect spellings in their log book (which must be brought to school every day and placed in their table pot in a morning please). These spellings will be tested again at a later date.

On Wednesday your child's spellings for this week will be added. Practise these for the following Monday's test.

On some Fridays I will also give the children a quick test on the common exception words they received last September and some new ones for this year (which will be put into Learning Logs), so keep practising these throughout the year.

Homework: This is given in a menu format at the start of term for 6 weeks and will be presented/displayed/celebrated on return. Any weekly core subject homework will be set on Friday to be returned by the following Thursday.

What are we learning? - Autumn 1 Term

Rotten Romans

As Readers we will ... continue to learn through Read Write Inc and real reading. We will learn how to use the internet search engines to find out about the Romans. We will read fiction and non-fiction texts linked to the Romans and read some adventure stories and recreate our own versions.

As Mathematicians we will ... learn more about what each number represents. We will be developing our skills with addition, subtraction and multiplication, recognising patterns with number and learn how to complete and explain these patterns.

As Geographers we will ... learn where the Roman Empire was and how it developed. We will also learn what countries were part of the Roman Empire.

As Historians we will ... learn about the Roman invasion from the Celts and Boudicca. We will learn about the power of the Roman army by 42AD. We will be finding out how people lived in Roman times and discover how Claudius conquered Hadrian's Wall.

As Writers we will ... learn to write instructions linked to Romans. We will be learning the features of narrative writing and write our own Roman stories. We will write a diary entry as if we were a Roman soldier and learn about the types of words we can use in our writing and improve our sentence structure.

As Scientists we will ... learn about the dangers of the sun. We will begin to understand that light can be reflected from surfaces and how blocking sun leads to shadows. We will also learn how these shadows can change through the day.

As Artists and Designers ... learn about and create Mosaic patterns. We will create our own Roman coins. We will be Learning about the Roman Gods and Goddesses and draw their portraits using our imagination. We will Learn how catapults and chariots work and make them. We will also create shadow puppets.

We will celebrate our learning by ... making sure that our work is well presented so that we can display some of it. Our work will also be on the website and shared on Class Dojo! We will be sharing our work in a showcase event for parents at the end of term too.

Our Year 3 Parents Narrative - 2017/18 Autumn 1 is available to download.

The Year 3 Home Learning Menu - Autumn 1 is also available to download.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

We made Roman coins from clay. We are waiting till they dry then we are going to paint them (hopefully).

Class 3 had a Roman Day to launch the topic. The children came to school in some fabulous outfits and enjoyed a range of creative learning opportunities, even making and sampling Roman dessert!

What did Class 3 learn in 2016/17?

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